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We offer a variety of music production services as well as web-design and web-content creation.

Please explore what we do by clicking on one of the website links below:

Click here to visit Markato Music

Markato Music specializes in original music production for film, television, advertising and online media. Our music covers a broad range of styles and can be heard on many current TV shows, games and films.

Click here to visit EZ Edit Music

As an alternative to custom-composed soundtracks, and for those on a limited production budget, EZ Edit Music offers original looping and non-looping music tracks that can be used in conjunction with videos and websites. Our tracks are available as stereo mixes and ‘stems’, to allow remixing to taste; and our looping libraries make it “EZ” to create any length of music soundtrack to fit the duration of your content.

Click here to visit Mark Chosak - Guitarist

Mark Chosak is a recording-session and live-performance guitarist with over 35 years professional experience. His playing can be heard in many films, television shows, CD recordings and video games.

Click here to visit Markato Web Design

Markato Web Design provides custom web-design services using WordPress, HTML and Flash. Have a look at our portfolio of examples for more information.